Getting Started With WordPress Workshop – CMC Glenwood Campus

Do you live in the Glenwood Springs and want to learn more about how to design a website with WordPress? Colorado Mountain College (Glenwood Springs, CO campus) is offering a WordPress class on September 30th that will teach you how to setup and use WordPress to manage your website.  

WordPress offers powerful website design and management tools that anyone can use to design, build and manage their website.  Plus, it’s free!  In this class, you will earn how to setup WordPress to make your website easy to manage.  WordPress topics include setup and installation, themes, plugins, widgets, media, blogging, SEO, security and backup.

The Class is offered on Tuesday September 30th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.   Sign up at CMC’s Website.  (Use Syn #85446 to Search and Register for your class.)

Trent Blizzard is teaching the classes and is available to help you with your WordPress website!

WordPress powers websites all over the world!


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