Social Media 101

This post is created as the class notes for a social media class (Managing Social Media) I am teaching next week at Colorado Community College.  These are our notes for a 2 hour class!

Top Considerations we will discuss:

  • Business vs Personal usage
  • Are you a content creator?
  • What social media platform(s) are best for you?
  • Are you interesting?  Human interesting?
  • Don’t be a megaphone
  • Setting up accounts vs using the accounts

Do you have specific tactical goals?

  • Collecting email addresses?
  • Getting reviews?
  • Staying in touch with clients or network
  • Generate fresh business



  • Best for: B2B communication and networking
  • Advertising is more expensive, but uniquely capable of targeting business
  • Easy to re-publish
  • Definitely have a personal and business page… and fully-complete them.
  • Create a business page:
    • Login in as yourself
    • Add your company as an “employer” in  your work experience
    • Makes sure you have “intermediate” status or higher (if you don’t, you need to make more connections!)
    • Add you company email address (!) to your account and confirm it. (click here for more)
    • NOW, you can create a company page, and it is anchored to your personal account. (click here for more)


  • Best for: Moms (from young to old)
  • Highly Visual
  • Archival vs NewsFeed Friendly


  • Best for: Younger demographic
  • Best for: certain topics – News, Politics, Sports
  • Easy to re-publish

Instagram and Snapchat:

  • Best for: Photography and smart-phones
  • Best for: Young Demographic… teenagers especially


  • Best for: don’t bother
  • Do: setup profile page and get reviews!

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