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We don’t just build websites, we help build businesses.

A website without proper marketing support is like a fish out of water, it won’t function highly on its own. It’s our job to provide you with WordPress powered tools that will help drive your business, boost your brand and meet your goals.

Do you need more search engine visibility? Do you want to grow your email list? More leads, more sales? A website designed specifically for mobile viewers? A highly targeted online ad campaign that delivers traffic? More Facebook followers? More online reviews?

In a perfect world, how do your website and online marketing efforts support your business? We use custom WordPress designed websites and powerful online marketing tools to craft packages that are just right for YOU. Tell us your story and find out how we can help.

“BlizzardPress helped us ramp up our brand in an incredibly competitive market! They are our trusted marketing partner. Highly recommend!” ~ Michelle Heyns, Epic Yacht Charters

Our WordPress Powered Toolset

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Your website should be as unique and as special as you are. We build custom designed websites that perform well in Google, getting you noticed and found in search. Whether you are looking for a refresh or a complete overhaul, BlizzardPress can help.

These days WordPress powers 32% of the entire internet. It is by far the most popular and effective web content management system available. With such huge popularity comes a great responsibility to stay secure and technologically relevant. This means WordPress core, themes and plugins push updates monthly. Just like changing the oil in your car, you need to keep your WordPress website fully updated and well tuned for optimal performance. Without regular updates, your WordPress site will break down, it may take 1 month or 6 months or 2 years, but it will break at some point. Regular maintenance is much less costly than fixing a site that has already failed from lack of updates.

BlizzardPress has state-of-the-art management systems in place to help you with all of these tasks. We typically spend 15-30 minutes each month making sure your website is in tip top shape. We also run an uptime monitor and send monthly reports that give you an overview of the work we’ve performed each month.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer comprised of quick tricks or manipulations. Google is smart enough to know that putting a website at the top of their rankings means recommending a site that people want, the best site that answers the questions asked. Part of this measurement includes trust, how many other websites out there are linking to yours? Do you have business profiles setup up? How to you show that you are a trusted entity, one of THE most trusted entities out there online?

We tackle SEO in two ways – onsite and offsite. Standard onsite work is done as part of your website build – adding header tags and tweaking your Google results snippet for every page. However, to really win at SEO, you must also employ offsite work. This means building links from social profiles, online directories and other trusted websites within your industry to improve your online trust signal. It also can involve things like optimizing site speed, removing broken links (404s), and increasing your general overall scores using a bevy of tools.

This is a long game effort. Google appreciates these changes over time in a way that appears natural. Our SEO team does just that, we constantly work through these things over time. And eventually, in 6 months or a year’s time, you will start to see major results.

Adwords is a complicated landscape that requires regular education to master and maintain. In fact Google deems this so important that they offer certifications to reward such mastery. We are proud to be a Google Partner.

The risk of not having managed oversight on your Adwords account is wasting your budget on activities that don’t result in the right kind of traffic and ultimately sales of your product or service. That is our #1 job, to protect your budget and make sure you get the most value out of the dollars you are spending. This might include things like setting up affinity markets, monitoring negative keywords, swapping out ad creative that isn’t converting, setting up trackable retargeting snippets, and optimizing the things that are showing good results. It’s a gross simplification of the process but it gives you an idea why it’s important. Let us help you manage your investment wisely. It’s what we do.

Would you drive a car without a fuel gauge? Why drive an online marketing campaign without analytics? Set yourself up for success so that you can measure a return on your online marketing efforts. It’s also important to iterate, let your visitors tell you what is working and what is not. Remove things that people don’t want and give them what they do. You have no chance of succeeding at these activities if you don’t keep a well tuned eye on your analytics.

While Google Analytics is a very complicated platform, it’s also one of the easier things to implement and monitor for folks like us. We have spent lots of time getting setup to provide regular reporting so you get the monthly overview you need to catch that glimpse. For analytics clients we can get even more granular, measuring things like “how much of my video are people watching” or “is anyone clicking this particular button”. We can even provide heat maps of interaction on pages throughout your site so you can see where people click and where they don’t. We can perform A/B testing so you can see what photo or button color or page length visitors prefer. They sky is the limit.

This is a science. Based upon your needs, we setup and curate the data you want to see to manage your brand in an ever changing online environment.

You know it, we know it – star reviews are like liquid gold online. They can also be the death of you if you don’t manage them and respond to concerns. People use reviews more than ever before to make buying decisions. Consider the way you shop on Amazon – filter by prime shipping and filter by 4+ stars. Boom, anything less is gone. When you need to grab dinner on the road in an unknown area, how do you find a good restaurant? Yelp and filter by food type, choose something with at least 3.5-4 stars, read a few reviews and click get directions. The more reviews, the more validity.

The problem with reviews is that they come from 10, 20 different venues and are impossible to manage in a time efficient manner. We can help. If you are a business that lives or dies by review, we have tools that can make management much more efficient. Curious? (Yes, you should be!) Give us a call 970.930.1882.

Time is money. Sometimes you just don’t have time to add that new photo, update your business hours, or add a new blog post. We get it. And that is why we are here to help if you need it. Content support can be setup as part of your WordPress maintenance package. We work against a block of hours and re-up when you need more. It’s just that simple.

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