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Website Go-Live Checklist

This is a website go-live checklist I made for the students in my CMC class learning about WordPress and SEO.  Do these things before you website goes live and it will be ready for search engines! (more…)

Get a Privacy Policy for Your Website

Looking around the Internet, more and more sites are popping up with Privacy policies.  Google requires AdWords advertisers to add privacy policies to their websites.  I recently found a handy tool to create privacy policies for free from templates. (more…)

WordPress Class Resource List

I just finished teaching a five week non-credit WordPress class at Colorado Mountain College. Here is the reading and resource list I used during the class. WordPress Resources A great place to start is the WordPress Codex, the online manual for WordPress Continue Reading

Get Your Gravatar Going

Your Gravatar is the image that follows you around from site to site.  Many of the sites you join or interact with will pull your image from by default.  They help people identify you and add credibility. This is Continue Reading

Workshop: Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about how visitors found your website and what they did while visiting your website. Learn how to read and interpret these statistics.  Special topics include installation, search engines, E-Commerce, social media and website performance. (more…)

Preview Your Website on Different Mobile Devices – Hubspot Device Lab

Hubspot released an extremely useful tool recently: The Hubspot Device Lab.  Simply input your website into this mobile device emulator and see preview of your website in the iPhone (4, 4s and 5) Ipad, Nexus and Samsung Galaxy. (more…)

The Science of Persuasion ~ A MUST Watch Video

This excellent video is based on the book  "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Robert Cialdini. I urge you to spend 12 minutes and watch this video; it is the perfect mix of educational and entertaining.  After that, you may Continue Reading

Workshop: Brand Marketing – Create Your Online Brand

Learn how to build and market your company's brand in the online universe.  Use your company's website, reviews, social media, press releases and more to stand out from the online competition. Colorado Mountain College | Glenwood Springs| #78208 10/16 - Continue Reading

Is Anyone Ever Satisfied With His or Her Google Rankings?

Are you satisfied with your Google rankings?  Have you ever heard ANYONE say, “My Google rankings are awesome and I am happy!” Here is a Google Results Satisfaction Flow chart: (more…)

All Mountain Technologies Gets New Website

When AMT approached BlizzardPress, they had a website that was several years old and out-of-date.  They needed a new website, fast!  BlizzardPress built a new WordPress website that was both search engine friendly and worked well in mobile devices. (more…)

How to Use Videos to Easily Improve Your Website

Are you looking for easy ways to get better search results and improve your user experience?  Try using videos throughout your website as an easy and free technique to make your website more valuable to your guests. It is clear that Continue Reading

Ubersuggest – A Review of the Keyword Suggestion Tool

Ubersuggest has become one of my favorite keyword research tools and is deserving of a review and a recommendation.     Before discovering Ubersuggest, I spent a lot of time using Google Suggest as my favorite “commensense” keyword suggestion tool.  The problem Continue Reading