Ubersuggest – A Review of the Keyword Suggestion Tool

Ubersuggest has become one of my favorite keyword research tools and is deserving of a review and a recommendation.



Before discovering Ubersuggest, I spent a lot of time using Google Suggest as my favorite “commensense” keyword suggestion tool.  The problem with using Google Suggest is it takes so darn long to try all the various iterations of words.





Enter: UberSuggest.  Ubersuggest does the heavy lifting for you and sends back the results of what used to be dozens of searches on one handy search results page.Ubersuggest-example

To begin with, I believe that most keyword suggestion tools I either used or reviewed are totally overkill. I have learned to loathe powerful tools like KeywordDiscovery and Wordtracker… they tempt people to stick a bunch of silly keywords onto pages based on dubious usages suggestions.   Now I believe that keywords and keyword research should be based on commonsense.  If I really want “data” around what keywords to consider I use the Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool (after I take a grain of salt).  Instead, I prefer to look at the actual content of a website and optimize for what content is already there and perhaps create some new content to support new keywords.  I use tools like Ubersuggest to “fill in the blanks”
Because Ubersuggest uses Google Suggest, the keywords it recommends always seem to be natural and commonsense.   It really speeds up the process by searching for combinations in Google suggest based upon all your possible next letters. For example, I typed in “Destin Florida” and got 358 possible keyword phrases… based upon all the possible next characters… for example, destin florida +a produced “destin florida airport” and “destin florida attractions for kids”

During this review process, Ubersuggest lets me save all the keywords that catch my attention so that I can easily cut and paste them into my keyword research document.  Ubersuggest also lets you just look at Google Suggest results for specific Google Properties: Web, Video, Image, News and Shopping.  Additionally, you can select a region/language instead of just “All” which occasionally is a handy tool.

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4 thoughts on “Ubersuggest – A Review of the Keyword Suggestion Tool

  1. Alexander V

    We love it! Just by entering a keyword, this tool automatically gives us several possibilities organized in groups. Fantastic tool. Thanks for this review about UberSuggest.

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