SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization is an integral part of online marketing success. With over 20 years of search marketing experience, BlizzardPress can execute a plan to help your business get more visibility and traffic. There is no Google manipulation so to speak, this is a long game of hard work over time. We offer packages based Continue Reading

On-site vs Off-site SEO

SEO – it’s one of those catch phrases we’ve been throwing around for years. And everybody is a guru right? Before we can claim all-knowingness, let’s review just a few search engine optimization basics. When we build WordPress websites, we say they are “optimized for search“. What does that mean? Very basically there are things Continue Reading

How to Optimize Your Website

Today Trent delivered a 90 minute workshop titled “How to Optimize Your Website for Better Google Rankings.” This workshop is a beginner-level workshop designed for small business owners who want to do some of their own website optimization. Class focus: What Google wants to see in your website How to use Google Webmaster Tools to gain insights How Continue Reading

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