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On-site vs Off-site SEO

SEO - it's one of those catch phrases we've been throwing around for years. And everybody is a guru right? Before we can claim all-knowingness, let's review just a few search engine optimization basics. When we build WordPress websites, we Continue Reading

The Best $50 Marketing Spend for a Small Local Business

This blog post is about retargeting. I write it in an effort to convince more folks that a failure to retarget is just not smart. At best, failure to consider retargeting is a missed opportunity to cost effectively market your business, at Continue Reading

Blogging for Business | Tips and Best Practices

Once again, Trent Blizzard is teaching a free business class at the Glenwood Springs Library - this month is Blogging for Business. Here is a quick download of the topics, the slides, and links to sample blogs.  The slides are at Continue Reading

Get in the Game – Colorado Gives Day!

Check out the slides from Kristen Blizzard's presentation to DEVO.  Learn how Eagle County Gives raised nearly $750,000 on Colorado Gives day in 2014 as "Regional Champions." And, support your favorite nonprofits on Colorado Gives Day this year - December Continue Reading

How to Rock Your Online Reviews

Trent is presenting today on reputation management at a conference in Denver. I’m going to do my best to keep up with him and download the tasty bits in this blog post. Here we go… What we LOVE about Reputation Management: Continue Reading

How to Lose Your Shit With WordPress

That’s right, I said it. I might have better titled this article “The Hidden Costs of WordPress” but I’m feeling just a bit sassy today. So there you have it. Let’s find out just what I’m talking about. I’m a bit Continue Reading

Warning: Googlebot Cannot Access Your Javascript and CSS

Pretty much every BlizzardPress client received a warning / notification from Google this Monday telling them that Googlebot was having problems accessing their website and warning that it could "result in suboptimal rankings."  Here is what it looked like:   Continue Reading

Referral Spam By The Numbers

Did You Know? Referral spammers are wreaking havoc with your website traffic data when it is tracked and reported by Google Analytics.  Like most folks, we use Google Analytics and rely heavily upon it.  So just how Continue Reading

Adding functionality to Your WordPress Website

WordPress - in all of web geekdom, this one word’s popularity is probably second to perhaps only Google. Ok, maybe a slight stretch, but I did say geekdom, so close to true. It even inspires Continue Reading

Online Tools for Awesome DIY Graphics

You could post the meaning of life, but if it doesn't include a pretty picture or a dancing puppy - no one will pay attention! ~ Trent Blizzard Oh The Possibilities... Learn to tap Continue Reading

How to Optimize Your Website

Today Trent delivered a 90 minute workshop titled "How to Optimize Your Website for Better Google Rankings." This workshop is a beginner-level workshop designed for small business owners who want to do some of their own website optimization. Class focus: What Google wants Continue Reading

Manage Your NonProfit Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

Your cause needs a social pulse but where do you find the time? When you have a million and one things to do and limited resources, social media has a tendency to fall off the list. And when it Continue Reading