The Best $50 Marketing Spend for a Small Local Business

This blog post is about retargeting. I write it in an effort to convince more folks that a failure to retarget is just not smart. At best, failure to consider retargeting is a missed opportunity to cost effectively market your business, at worst it is just plain stupid. Read on to find out why…

What is retargeting? It is basically collecting all your customers, email contacts and website visitors and advertising to them. “Re-Target” that person with another ad, in another place. For instance, if you visit my website, I can follow you around with ads. If you give me your email address (or are my customer), I can target you on Facebook with an ad!

Why is it smart?

  1. It is very inexpensive. For most of us small businesses, we only have a few thousand people we can retarget. It only costs about $1 a day to target several thousand individuals.
  2. It uses frequency.  By focusing on marketing your brand among a small group of people, your advertising is more effective. Isn’t it better to show one person 10 ads than 10 people 1 ad?  A frequent and gentle reminder to your potential customers is powerful!
  3. It is focused.  Isn’t it even better if that person is pre-disposed to do business with you? Why show ads to “new” people when you can show ads to “recently interested” people? 1+1=3  Isn’t it easier to get a return customer than a new one?  Some people disagree with this concept, but, they are wrong.

OK… here are some examples of companies getting hundreds of qualified visitors for about $1 a visit. I included some hard numbers below too.

A Women’s Clothing Retailer uses Facebook and Google to advertise their clothing to people that visit their website. In three months they spent $150 per month ($530 total) and target 3,420 individual. Results: 519 website return visits from the advertisements. Now they use this technique, combined with email marketing, to boost sales with each seasonal change.

A B2B Professional Services Company uses Google to advertise to people that visit its website. Using a massive $1 per day budget, it gets 357 clicks to its website for $335. Its ad was shown 130K times. That is some cheap branding! Ok, so that business is BlizzardPress. Many potential clients say “Your ads are everywhere… make it stop… but, can you do that for me?”

A Rafting Company uses Google Adwords to re-target all of its customers from the last 10 years. After uploading thousands of email addresses (from its historical customer list), the rafting company showed rafting ads to its former customers right before rafting season. It got 2,785 clicks for under 60 cents per click — and booked lots of trips. What a great way to re-message your historic customers.

In summary, consider setting up retargeting for:

  • former customers (you need their email and phone numbers)
  • your email marketing list (don’t just email them, show them some ads!)
  • people who just visited your website

When you setup retargeting, try using both Google AND Facebook if you have the budget… and if it makes sense, look at other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Need a retargeting campaign setup for your business? Contact us, we can help.

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