Vail Search Engine Optimization Class by Colorado Mountain College

I am teaching a search engine optimization class that starts next week at the Edwards Campus of Colorado Mountain College.  It runs three Tuesdays in a row from 9AM to 12:ooPM starting 2/25/14.   Because the class is taught in the computer lab, this will be a hands-on learning experience.  With a total of 9 hours of class-time, we should be able to dig-deep.  Expect to learn how to get your site #1 in Google!

You can sign up directly at the Colorado Mountain College Website.  The cost is $125.

google-magnifying-glassDuring the first class we will learn how the Google algorithm works. How Google actually creates the list of websites that will show up for a sample keyword phrase.   We will perform lots of local searches for Vail related keywords to illustrate and demonstrate exactly how Google works.  Next we  will turn our focus on the student’s actual websites and what changes we can make to help them rank better. This includes doing keyword research and adding keywords to your website.   A special emphasis is given to local and geographic keywords like Vail, Avon, Colorado, Eagle etc.

During week two, we will look at optimization from an entirely different viewpoint. A lot of people don’t know it, but you can actually increase your website’s rankings in Google without actually touching your website. This is called “off-site” optimization. During week two we will focus on factors outside of your website that help your rank better. Students will learn how links from other websites and social media get interpreted by Google and in turn help their website rank better.  We will give special attention to websites that are especially important in the Vail valley.

During week three we will focus on a few special issues that affect rankings:

  • WordPress: how to use WordPress to get better rankings
  • Google Analytics: how to track your website’s results using Google Analytics
  • Brand: how your website’s brand is seen by Google and how it affects your rankings
  • Google+: how Google+ especially affects your rankings and what small businesses can do to improve.

One of the surprise outcomes of the workshop for many people will not be about actually ranking higher or ranking for more keywords… it will be about actually getting more people to click on their current rankings. Many businesses don’t need to rank better, they just need to collect a higher percentage of clicks from the people that are already seeing them in click. When you consider that they are only collecting a click 2 or 3% of the time they actually show up in a search results… the opportunity there is great.

Search Engine Optimization Workshop



If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday morning!

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