Walking Mountains Science Center Uses WordPress in Fresh New Way in Avon Colorado

I recently completed a unique WordPress project for Walking Mountains Science Center in Avon Colorado.  Walking Mountains has a large touch-screen LCD screen mounted in their exhibit hall: a perfect place to provide information and education to the adults and children  visiting their Avon exhibit hall or shopping in their gift shop.

The LCD panel is pretty large and high resolution, so the first job was to create a “website” that would look good on a GIANT screen — it ended up being thousands of pixels wide.  Secondly, we needed intuitive (and large) touch style navigation that both children and adults could use.  This website did not need to be search engine optimized (since it was made to be accesses in-person)… instead it needed to be big, bright, inviting and educational.

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Homepage Screenshot
Homepage screenshot

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walking mountains interior page
Interior page of the website with an embedded video.


Website as seen hanging on the wall in the LCD touch-screen monitor.

I used a premium theme called “Kingsize” to create the website.  The main advantage it offered was its ability to feature large-format imagery on the homepage and in the backgrounds of the site.  Secondarily, it has a nice navigation option that works good on the large screen and is easy to touch-navigate.

If you haven’t been to the Walking Mountain Science Center in Avon, Colorado it is a great place to visit with your children! They have lots of special activities, a large campus with hiking trails, and an interactive exhibit hall.

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