Manage Your Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

In today’s online marketing landscape many businesses are bleary eyed, yet focused on the myriad of tools available. Do I need a blog – an Instagram account – Facebook page – Pinterest – Twitter – Google Plus? The list is endless and the choices only get harder from here on out. The online marketing series running at the Glenwood Springs Library this winter is aimed at helping businesses efficiently navigate these waters. Second up in the series, Manage Your Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day, runs on January 29th from 9-10:30am and is FREE to the public. Class seating is limited so please register to save your spot.

One thing small businesses tend to overlook in this mix is the importance of their brand. Your online marketing decisions should reflect what you believe is needed to support your brand in these mediums. Marketers can not be everything to all people – your target market should dictate what is expected from you, and from your brand. For instance, if your potential clients regularly consume content on YouTube then you should think about video delivery – or – if you mainly sell to women over 30 then perhaps Pinterest is important to growing your business.

You may not be Coca-Cola or Starbucks, but in your locale, brand matters – not only to your future clients and to your neighbors, but to search engines. Google loves your content but it also wants to trust your brand. What better way to do that than to see that brand well established in various different business mediums online. In Manage Your Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day, instructor Trent Blizzard will teach you to tackle “the big four” (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn) in just that – 10 minutes each day. There are inexpensive and even free tools you can utilize not only to find good content to share, but also to automate the process of pushing that news to your social networks.

If you are short on time but still want to cover your bases – come to this class to learn how to get a lot of social media work done in just a few minutes with an easy method using free online tools and simple techniques. This community series is generously sponsored by the Glenwood Post Independent, the Glenwood Springs Branch Library, the Glenwood Springs Resort Chamber Association and Sweet ColoraDough. Thanks so much to our sponsors.


What:  Manage Your Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

Where: Glenwood Springs Library

When: Thursday, January 29th, 9-10:30am

Cost: FREE

Seating limited, please register here.

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