Boost Your Google Visibility by 179% with Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization is targeted at consumers searching for a business category by location, such as “Glenwood Springs Lawyer.”

Digital agency SIMPartners released a study that tracked 315 local businesses who optimized their local search and enjoyed 179% boost in visibility.

Google+ Optimization Results

BlizzardPress can help you with your own local search optimization by:

  • Create custom business descriptions for Google+ and other local directory sources.

  • Add additional information including photos and videos to the listing Identify and remove duplicate listings on Google and other sites

  • Identify third-party sites that are respected by Google and within your appropriate vertical

  • Create and optimize third-party listings.

We recently did this for Viele Construction, and it work!  They now rank #1 in Google Organic and #1 in Google Maps for “Vail Construction.”

Creating and optimizing your listings in the top websites is time consuming, but will help you rank better and drive qualified traffic to your website. Make sure you have claimed your listings on each site and optimized the content with carefully crafted description, accurate information, a logo and photos. Here are some of the top website’s BlizzardPress will work to make sure you are listed on:

  1. Your Chamber of Commerce
  2. Better Business Bureau
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google Places
  5. Yahoo Local
  6. Bing Local
  7. Yelp
  8. Supermedia
  9. Yellowpages
  10. Elocal

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