How to “De-Personalize” a Google Search… and Remove Geographic Bias

When teaching an SEO class or working 1-on-1 with a client, we often notice that they see different search results than I do… if it is a classroom, different people will often see different results.  Sometimes the actual organic search results are in a different order and sometimes the search results page has totally different information on it.

This flummoxes people but they generally understand easily that there are three causes :

  1. Personalization: if you are logged into Google, Google can change your results based on your search history.
  2. Geographic Bias: Google will definitely change your results if you perform a search in two different geographic area
  3. Plain old multivariate testing: Google shows different things to different people just to test it.

Sometimes the actual organic search results are in a different order.

If you want to try to de-personalize a search and de-geographic bias a search result, here is how you build a search string that does it:

  • The will use the United Kingdom version of Google
  • The &GL=US puts the geographic location back in the US, but without any geographic bias
  • Finally, add &PWS=0 to “de-personalize” the results

Here are two links for Glenwood Springs you can try to see the difference:


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3 thoughts on “How to “De-Personalize” a Google Search… and Remove Geographic Bias

  1. Adriana

    Hello! Maybe you can help me. I’m trying to search in Google at diferent geographical locations at the same time, so I don’t have to repeat the same search in each country I want to find the results. (I hope you understand, because I’m from Costa Rica and don’t speack native English) Thanks in advance!

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