Dwyer Greens Gets New Website

BlizzardPress designed a new website for Dwyer Greens that features full search engine optimization and a mobile friendly design hosted and maintained on a WordPress platform.  Immediately after launch their search engine rankings zoomed!

dwyer greens logoDwyer Greens and Flowers provides nursery, flowers and landscaping to Western Colorado.  Dwyer Greens is a family owned and operated business: Lynn and Pat Dwyer opened the nursery more than 15 years ago.  The boast over  14,100 feet of greenhouse space full of perennials, annuals and vegetables. They make the most beautiful colored pots and hanging baskets!

Dwyer Greens Screenshot


Like all new websites by BlizzardPress, we fully search engine optimized all the new content.  We also chose 33 keyword phrases to target and and tracked their changes… their rankings went up 372 spots during the week that their new website went live!  Here is a chart:


One thing we have been noticing with new websites and their SEO: we are getting great boosts in Google, but nada in Bing!

Give BlizzardPress a call if you would like a new website AND better search engine rankings.


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