25 Fun and Fascinating Pinterest Boards for Vacation Rental Managers

Don’t be that vacation rental manager who sets up a Pinterest account and loads it with boring boards of photos featuring your homes. Yawn.

Seriously… Yawn!  After spending a few hours looking at Pinterest boards I found a few that really excited me and a lot that bored me to tears.  The magic elixir is passion! You could tell who really had a passion for interesting things and who was just using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

Here are 25 COOL Pinterest boards for vacation rental managers that will hopefully inspire you to create boards that are engaging, interesting, fascinating and that will attract followers and likes.

    1. Funny Beach Photo of Headless Girl in SandDIY Craft Boards targeted at the crafts the guest can do when they stay with you.  Vacation Rentals in Paradise
    2. Books for vacationers shares relevant reads that include local guidebooks and local history books. Whales Watch Vacation Rentals
    3. Local Artists features the art of local artists.  Tybee Vacation Rentals
    4. Unusual Amenities share some really unique amenities.  Homeway
    5. Beach Sayings and Quotes has meme-like photos about life on vacation and the beach. Elliott Beach Rentals
    6. Just Plain Funny is a set of hilarious photos.  Vacation Rentals in Paradise
    7. Winter Photos feature beautiful off-season photos. Cobblestay
    8. Funny Photos by guests.  Village Realty 
    9. Infographics focused on travel. Homeaway
    10. Always Be a Star board has dozens of photos of starfish. Vacation Rentals in Paradise
    11. Nostalgic Pictures has old-time photos of Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals
    12. Guest Photo Board has photos provided by the guest.  Beach Properties of Hilton Head
    13. Docks of Interest board. Eastern Shore Vacation Rentals
    14.  Travel Toes is filled with photos of toes in great locations. Dwellable
    15. DIY projects for vacation homes Board. Homeaway
    16. Scipts in Sand Board has lots of sand writings. Dwellable
    17.  Sunsets features sunset.  VillaWeeks
    18. Your Best Shot features great photos by guests. iTripVacations
    19. Local Wildlife Board entitled “Cottage Country Wildlife” by CottageLINK
    20. How to Stage a Bed features beautiful beds by Hummingbird Rental Cottage
    21. What to do… What to do… has links, ideas and photos of what to do in the local area.  The South Cottage
    22. Colorful flowers features beautiful Hawaiian flowers.  Kehena Kai Vacation Rental
    23. For The Foodies features photos of food from local restaurants.  Mountain Home
    24. Knock Knock features cool front doors. Mountain Home
    25. Beach Babies features baby and child photos.  Vacation Rentals in Paradise

Here are two more I found after Vacation Rental Managers read this and reached out to me:

Outer Banks Beach Videos feature videos. by  Resort Realty 

Purple Homes Purply boards has a whole set of neat boards about… Purple! byPurple Home


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