Top Priorities for Starting Your Online Marketing Campaign

I was meeting with a professional services company this week that has only a minimal website and no online marketing plan.  The big question is “Where do I get started?”  What are the basic building blocks that should be put into place?

With so many options out there they really didn’t know what they needed to get started.  It certainly wasn’t Facebook!  I recommended the following as the places to get started building their online marketing presence

Build Your Solid Foundation

  1. Your Website: Your website represents your brand, builds credibility and generates leads. Make sure your website does all three of those.  Build a nice website using WordPress and host it at Flywheel.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Make sure your website is fully search engine optimized so that your potential clients can find you when searching on the web.
  3. Analytics: Setup your analytics from the beginning so you can measure your progress and make improvements over time. We recommend Google Analytics.

Create Content Targeted at Your Leads

  1. Blogging: Publishing regular blog posts that have relevant and valuable content is the first step towards attracting new leads with content.

Nurture Your Audience

  1. Email Marketing: Stay in touch with your past, present and future clients with a regular email newsletter. Email marketing is inexpensive and effective. If you are creating content through blogging, use email marketing to blast that content out to your audience on a monthly basis.

Promote Yourself Online

  1. Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing: Use these fee-based tools to drive new qualified leads to your website and continually brand yourself to them during their decision-making process.
  2. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the best way to continually stay in touch with prospects. It is a powerful professional networking tool.  I didn’t recommend Facebook because this client wants to target business professionals and LinkedIn is a better place to start.  Consider adding Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter down the road!

Obviously there is a plethora of other marketing options available.  And I like those other options…but… in terms of prioritizing and getting started, this list is complete!  Don’t get caught up in other marketing tactics until after you have implemented all of these basic building blocks.

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