Fascinating and Motivating Stats about Online Marketing

Yes, Statistics can be fascinating! And if they help move you into action, they can be motivating. These are all stats that I think should motivate the small business marketer to get bizzy! One that really shocked me was nearly 1/3 or websites in English language are built on WordPress.  Go WordPress.  Also, read more for good statistics connecting profitability, growth and online marketing.

Online Marketing Stats Specifically for Professional Service Firms.  This would include Attorneys, Engineers, Architects, Consultants, etc.:

  • Firms generating 60% or more of their leads online are 2X more profitable (than those generating less than 20%) [Tweet This Stat]  source

Leads Generated Online and Profitability

  • Firms generating 40%+ of their leads online grew 4X faster (than those with no online leads) [Tweet This Stat]  source

leads generated online and growth rate

Miscellaneous Statistics about Online Marketing, WordPress, Marketing Budgets and Search Marketing:

Local Optimization




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