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 Do You Want to Take Your Website From Ho-Hum to Rock Solid?

BlizzardPress can help you rejuvenate your website.  The modern website may be professional and personable at the same time. It must inspire confidence and steadily convert website traffic to customers.

  • High quality photos
  • Descriptions of service areas
  • Clean, Clear and Easy to use

Are Your Call to Actions Tempting?

Can you do better at capturing a visitors information?  Your website should actively encourage your web visitors to go from just looking to reaching out and contacting you. Strong and persuasive call to actions are key. Do you want people to:

  • Call you on the phone?
  • Send you an email?
  • Fill out an information form?
  • Signup for a newsletter or a consultation?

 Are you Using Reviews and Testimonials to Boost Your Credibility?

What you say about yourself only carries so much weight. Let others talk about you instead. Use testimonials to let others talk about you and boost your credibility.

Reviews on a site can boost conversion +20% (Source)

 Video Increases Search Engine Rankings and Time-On-Site

A video is a wonderful addition to any website. Videos increase the level of interaction with your website and personalize your services in a way that text and photos cannot. Videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to show up on the first page of search results. Also 60% of C-level and senior executives said they would watch a video before reading text on the same web page. (Source)

Posting videos helped the company’s website receive 200% to 300% more monthly unique visitors and a 100% longer average time-on-site spent per visitor. (Source)

 How Does Your Website Work in Tablets and Mobile Devices?

More and more users are using small devices to view your website.  Approximately 25% of all pages viewed on  your website will be from a mobile device. Whether they are at home using a tablet or in a car using a mobile phone, your website should work for quickly and easily. Your website from BlizzardPress will look great in all devices!

One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. (Source)

 You Want to Easily Update Your Website?

Updating you website should be easy and free. You should be able to do it from anytime or anyplace. Don’t let out-of-date information undermine your online marketing credibility. Savvy marketers are demonstrating their expertise and reaping rewards by regularly adding valuable content for their visitors to read.

  • Add new pages
  • Update existing content
  • Update photos

But of course you can send your content updates directly to BlizzardPress if you don’t want to do it yourself.

 Is Your Social Media Integrated Into Your Website?

If you are using social media websites to talk to your potential clients and develop relationships, make sure those accounts are integrated into your website in an effective manner. Popular sites include:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google+

If you are not using social media, that is OK too! We can add it when you are ready.

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